Forest Safari

Are you sensitive? Are you perceptive? You can still be amazed by simple things like:

- The peculiar sound made by the Tiger Ant when it gets angry.
- The curious camouflage of the Hamadryas butterfly that makes it disappear from a tree bark.
- The characteristic smell left by a herd of peccaries in order to limit its territory.
- The softness of a thick layer of moss on tree bark.

It is a 20-km/ 12-mile tour in the forest through the "Yacaratiá Sur" trail, located within Iguazú National Park’s protected area. This trail which is closed to the general public and private vehicles, is used for different research tasks such as primate and feline studies. The tour through this trail takes about 2 hours in these specially prepared and open 4x4 vehicles, in order to be able to take pictures and record videos more easily. The later is very important as in the forest the tree crowns hold singular epiphyte* forms of life such as orchids, cactus and bromelias, “strangle” trees and a great variety of birds and mammals of exclusive arboreal habits as squirrels and monkeys. During the tour there are several stops and walks during which, our tour guide, expert in interpreting nature, acts as a bond between the visitor and the environment. There are also visits to historic sites of the Iguazú National Park.


Regular tours every day spoken in Spanish and English from the Waterfalls area (Old Hotel, Sheraton Hotel or Main Entry).

NOTE: the tour provides the following: mineral water, insect repellent, binoculars, birds - mammals and footprint guide, rain poncho, etc. (we recommend comfortable shoes).

Tours must be reserve in advance due to limited seats.

Tour hours: 10:30a.m. to 06:00p.m. *(Special Tours by request)
Seats per vehicle: 8 passengers.
Duration: Two hours
*It includes free transfer to Iguazú Port hotels at the end of the tour. Subject to availability.

Individual Fee: $660. (Argentine Pesos) VAT included.
Children betwenn 6 and 12 years $330. Childs under 6 years of age free of charge (no right to seat assignment). Passengers that have already paid Entrance ticket to the Waterfalls are not required to pay again during the same day. Tour is not cancelled in case of rain.

Payment Methods
Cancellation Policy within 48 hs before tour. Otherwise 100% fee will be charged as "NO SHOW"