Camino de los Pioneros
We invite you to revive the “Trail of the Pioneers”. Get to the Waterfalls through the forest in a 4x4 vehicle. This is a special way to get to the Waterfalls through the old unpaved access route (today closed to private vehicles), recreating the adventures of the first visitors who, in those days, had to cross when no paved road existed but a “trail” in the mount.

Until 1974, the road connecting Iguazú Port with the Waterfalls was unpaved, the same situation as most of the old routes of the Misiones Province. However, this fact did not intimidate the tourists from all over the world who arrived to this region to admire the Waterfalls. This journey made on raining days was surely a true achievement. Small buses got “swamped” and the passengers had to get down from the vehicle to push it or wait to be helped by another vehicle that passed by. A few people know that this trail, which crosses most area of the national park reserve, still exists. The Trail of the Pioneers.

Trailer of the Pioneers

This trail is closed to private vehicles due to safety reasons. Therefore we have the privilege of travel through it all in absolute solitude. The old “Forest Rangers Station” is still present among the lianas, surrounded by citrus and banana trees. This station is a mute witness of a past surely filled with adventures that the forest is trying to throw a blanket of silence on. Right there our 4x4 truck stops to start walking. A few steps ahead we see a wild old “Yerba Mate*” tree (its botanical name: Ilex paraguariensis) where the “Tiger” ant amazes us with its colossal size. We continue our tour to listen to the guide telling the curious development of the lianas and we see why the “Tarzan” tale is a little bit exaggerated. Some miles ahead we will recognize, due to its color contrast with the characteristic red soil of the region, the “Ñahú”, a clay used by the native guaraní tribe to model jars. The tree ferns also speak about the past, but of a more distant one, the past when the dinosaurs walked the Earth. This trail also knows about woods and jangadas: immense rafts made of colossal trunks uprooted from the forest as the only means of taking this valuable fruit of the earth to the Port of Campana near Buenos Aires. It was more an epic than a journey. Hereafter “el abra del Vasco” (literally the “clearing of the Basque”), a wound that the forest is still trying to heal that reveals the times previous to the Park creation. It is hard to believe that this peaceful and quiet place once knew the coming and going of noisy oxcarts and the deaf hammering of the axes. Years went by and barely could we find traces of that past written by men who seemed to be fearless of the dangers of the forest. We continue the tour as we are closer and closer to our goal. Then, finally an old sign hidden in the thicket announces, as in the olden days, the proximity of the Iguazú Waterfalls as a reward of what surely was a long and dangerous journey.


But, is there any doubt that the view that delighted the eyes of the first visitors in the past and which is the very same that delights our eyes today, is it worth the effort? When visiting the Waterfalls, why be satisfied just by doing always the same? We are waiting for you to walk “The trail of the Pioneers” together.
Caraguatá Regular tours every day spoken in Spanish and English (subject to previous confirmation and a minimum of 2 pax).
NOTE: the tour provides the following: mineral water, insect repellent, binoculars, birds - mammals and footprint guide, rain poncho, etc.
Tours must be reserved in advance due to limited seats.

Tour hours: departing 7:30 a.m. from Iguazú Port Hotels. Arrival to the Yacaratiá south trail: 08:00 a.m. Arrival to the Access Entry to the Waterfalls: 09:30 a.m.
Seats per vehicle: 8 passengers.
Duration: Two hours
Individual Fee: $660.- (Argentine Pesos) VAT included. Children betwenn 6 and 12 years $330. Childs under 6 years of age free of charge (no right to seat assignment). Passengers that have already paid Entrance ticket to the Waterfalls are not required to pay again during the same day. Tour is not cancelled in case of rain. Passengers that have already paid Entrance ticket to the Waterfalls are not required to pay again during the same day. Tour is not cancelled in case of rain.

Forms of payment:
Cancellation Policy within 48 hs before tour. Otherwise 100% fee will be charged as "NO SHOW"